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Re: Feature suggestion: Save attachments from themain window.

On 2020/01/29 22:44, the following characters came from the keyboard of "fromatoz [via nPOPuk Forum]" <[hidden email]>:

> now i see that it's actually possible to save an attachment - just not in the
> main window.
> double clicking an email opens the "mail view" window, then click > View >
> Save attach(ment).
> didn't know that ... but yes, why not offer the option in the main window
> too? would be cool & convenient.
> thank you.

One nice thing about nPOPuk is that it is a small program.

I give kudos to the designers who have kept it small, while still adding numerous features.

Putting a feature in two places might occasionally be convenient, but it would add size, and from some points of view, the added size wouldn't be much of a benefit, only a cost, because it doesn't add functionality. And it takes more work to implement something in multiple places.

I'm not sure exactly what your goals are, but I wouldn't be nearly as interested in saving attachments from an email before even seeing what the message is that the attachments came with. And so when I read the message, I learn about what the attachments are, and can save them right from that mail view window where I already am, rather than having to go back to the main window to do so. That's convenient for me, and that's the way nPOPuk has it implemented, so it must have seemed convenient for the designers as well.

From the mail view window, I can then cilck one of the arrow buttons to move to the next message, or the next unread message, and decide how to handle it, and whether or not I want to save the attachments that came with it.

Sometimes there are glitches, and the same email comes twice. I have no need to save both copies of the email attachments, but the main window offers little information to be sure that it is the same email coming twice, or two emails in rapid succession. The mail view window has more details for making such decisions.

Perhaps you have a strong reason for wanting to save attachments from the main window. Your suggestion would be more powerful, if it included the reasons, telling why it would be so much more convenient for you if the attachments could be saved from the main window, rather than just "why not?"

After all, nPOPuk opens the Mail View window far faster than most Windows programs I use open secondary windows... partly because it is well-coded, and partly because it is not bloated with redundant features.

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Re: Feature suggestion: Save attachments from themain window.


Thanks for your answer. I really appreciate it and totally understand what you're saying but ... MY main window shows me the whole message right in the preview pane :-) That's why it never came to me to double click an email and open it in the mail view window ... No need for it. Today was the first time I double clicked, and I'm using nPop for sooo many years now ...

So, in short, the option in the main window would spare me a few clicks, that's all.

Not a big deal anyway. I'm happy :-)